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Sallie came to this business in a rather roundabout way.  Her husband, after seeing people approach Sallie innumerable times to ask if they'd seen her on TV, etc., encouraged her to go into a local agent the next time there was an "open call" day. 


And so, armed with her Polaroid snapshots, Sallie took her place that day in the waiting room, surrounded by some of the most beautiful young women she'd ever seen all in one place.  As she waited to be called, she began to think that maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all. Just as she was getting up to leave, her name was called.  She hesitantly entered the interview room and approached a desk whereupon the agent looked up and said with delight, "Oh, please, sit down!" 


After looking at Sallie's Polaroids and asking her to smile and turn this way and that, the agent announced happily that they would like to sign her right up and assured Sallie that she would be kept busy. 


This sounded lovely, but Sallie expressed her skepticism to the agent, having just heard a gorgeous young woman being told in a very dismissive way, "Thank you for coming in, we'll keep your headshot on file".  The agent exclaimed, "Oh, you don't understand!  Beautiful people like that come in here all the time, but ordinary everyday people like you just never come in!"  


Seeing the bemused expression on Sallie's face, the agent quickly explained that there was a need for  "believable" women to play the neighbor, teacher, nurse, only female executive (common at the time), etc.  And indeed, Sallie went on an audition the next day and got the role of the harried next door neighbor in a commercial. 


And she was off and running.  


Since that time she's appeared, usually as a principle character, in dozens of commercials, industrials and print jobs.  Ordinary everyday has been very good to her!  Unfortunately, she hasn't been aggressive at getting copies of her work, so there's not an ample sample, but take a peek at what is available and then let her bring the character of your choice to life!