About Us


Corporate Canary was founded by Anne-Marie Orrock, a seasoned senior HR professional with solid and substantial experience in developing HR strategies and infrastructure in start up and Greenfield sites within the IT enterprise space.

Anne-Marie is fully experienced and conversed in the ICT enterprise environment. She is a seasoned senior HR Executive with over 17 years specialist experience in Human Resources and start up roles of the HR function, with some of the most now well known and successful IT companies in the world such as PeopleSoft (now a part of Oracle), Citrix SystemsOMX (acquired by NASDAQ) Altiris and Symantec.

Via this experience, Anne-Marie identified that many SME’s lack the funds but not the need for the services of a good HR Manager. Eventually these businesses will reach the point where they need and can afford a full time staff member, but they will achieve success
sooner if they can tap into high level
support earlier on.Special Message from The Desk of Anne-Marie Orrock

Thus Corporate Canary was conceived.

Corporate Canary services many clients across broad Human Resource operational and strategic development needs, but specialises in maximising and harnessing the unique requirements of managing high aptitude technical professionals and leaders.

Anne-Marie has presented workshops at the Annual Industrial Relations Conference, CeBIT Australia, Australian Computer Society Special Interest Groups, and is published author of various articles on Human Resource Management, Strategy and Career Development.

Anne-Marie has held committee positions with the ICT Skills Taskforce Group (Western Sydney) in conjunction with TAFE NSW, University of Technology, University of NSW, University of Western Sydney, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and the Australian Information Industry Association. (AIIA)

Currently sitting on the AHRI (Australian Human Resources Institute) Young Professionals Committee, Anne-Marie works with the committee to deliver educational and informative programs to aspiring HR professionals.

Anne-Marie is regularly sought out for comment and thought leadership in public forums with specific interest in recruitment, leadership, performance management and HRM strategy.

Corporate Canary holds industry and professional memberships with the AIIA, FITT (Females in Technology) and WSITC.

An accredited facilitator and interpretor of the McQuaig System psychological and behavioural profiling tools Anne-Marie’s key strengths are helping individuals move forward and grow by understanding their natural temperament and using it to their advantage.

Anne-Marie is highly involved in voluntary Community Outreach programs via the facilitation of Corporate Canary’s Take Flight! Career Advancement Transition (CAT) Program. Specifically designed for ICT professionals to seek better career opportunities and develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve their work passions.

Corporate Canary clients have the benefit of an experienced and seasoned HR Manager, without the expense or commitment of a full time resource. Anne-Marie applies her comprehensive knowledge and experience of the unique challenges of a dynamic, fast and highly competitive ICT (information communication & technology ) industry and the critical need to manage and harness the human dynamics that drive this industry.

“The ICT (and related industries) is a knowledge industry. The lynchpin of this industry’s existence relies on intellectual capital and the intrinsic relationship that has with the human need to be highly engaged and therefore innovative.”



To partner with clients to achieve human capital excellence and company success through strategic vision, innovation and leading edge HR practices in a progressive and professional framework.

Philosophy and core values

1. True Partnership

With a mutual vested interest in growth by results, Corporate Canary will develop an engaged understanding of the business and the people dynamics. Corporate Canary is like a virtual leadership team member!

2. Impressive Experience

It is Corporate Canary’s philosophy for all to gain an affective, stimulating and powerful experience through a professional and high quality approach to all deliverables. This is holistic from management through to staff and beyond to how your customer is impacted by engaged employees.

3. Measurable Change

In all our efforts we seek to develop and deliver benchmark metrics to quantify efforts so you know where you are growing, saving, impacting.

4. Love What We Do

It is absolutely essential that we both enjoy the journey on the way. You are passionate about what you do and Corporate Canary shares this in what and how we aim to deliver.

Service Value

Virtual HR Leadership

Long before your business is big enough to support a full-time senior HR Manager, your company can experience the benefits of an effective HR strategy with the help of your own experienced Virtual HR Manager. The decision to hire a full-time HR Manager is a hard one. Corporate Canary is the high value, cost effective alternative solution!

Alternatively Corporate Canary works with junior HR professionals and non-HR professionals who are responsible for the HR role and coaches them on how to add value to the HR requirements of the company. Through this engagement they gain invaluable experienced advice and coaching resulting in rapid development and value to your business.

Big Company Advantage

Corporate Canary can give growing companies the same advantage their larger counterparts employ by having cost-effective access to a senior HR professional who works intimately with the business to develop key performance indicators for your HR strategy, so your company will get a better return on its human capital investment.
By having an HR Outsourced Model approach Corporate Canary has helped clients save significant money and improve their productivity.

Instant Infrastructure & Support

Strategic Alliances..
Corporate Canary brings additional value to your company in the form of strategic alliances to compliment and consolidate your HR strategy, including improved access to training and recruitment partners, benefit providers and employment law sources. This gives you an immediate infrastructure to support and help your business grow, saving you time and avoiding the ‘hit and miss’ approach of finding service providers. Corporate Canary provides the value of bringing known, proven and trusted alliance partners to meet your entire HR Lifecycle requirements and ensure that you gain the best competitve advantage as possible.

Partnering With High Skill

By partnering with Corporate Canary, you can benefit from high-level HR skills and experience without the equivalent high cost of the commitment of a full-time HR Manager. And there are no extra ‘burden’ costs of superannuation, payroll tax and insurances as associated with permanent employees.

Corporate Canary specialises in facilitating high impact HR strategy and practice for small to medium information technology, and technically focused companies. Through experience with leading IT companies such as PeopleSoft, Citrix Systems, OMX, Altiris and Symantec Corporate Canary knows how to manage the differences of high aptitude technical staff.