Service Value

Long before your business is big enough to support a full-time senior HR Manager, your company can experience the benefits of an effective HR strategy with the help of your own experienced Virtual HR Manager. The decision to hire a full-time HR Manager is a hard one. Corporate Canary is the high value, cost effective alternative solution!

Alternatively Corporate Canary works with junior HR professionals and non-HR professionals who are responsible for the HR role and coaches them on how to add value to the HR requirements of the company. Through this engagement they gain invaluable experienced advice and coaching resulting in rapid development and value to your business.

Big Company Advantage

Corporate Canary can give growing companies the same advantage their larger counterparts employ by having cost-effective access to a senior HR professional who works intimately with the business to develop key performance indicators for your HR strategy, so your company will get a better return on its human capital investment.
By having an HR Outsourced Model approach Corporate Canary has helped clients save significant money and improve their productivity.

Instant Infrastructure & Support

Strategic Alliances..
Corporate Canary brings additional value to your company in the form of strategic alliances to compliment and consolidate your HR strategy, including improved access to training and recruitment partners, benefit providers and employment law sources. This gives you an immediate infrastructure to support and help your business grow, saving you time and avoiding the ‘hit and miss’ approach of finding service providers. Corporate Canary provides the value of bringing known, proven and trusted alliance partners to meet your entire HR Lifecycle requirements and ensure that you gain the best competitve advantage as possible.

Partnering With High Skill

By partnering with Corporate Canary, you can benefit from high-level HR skills and experience without the equivalent high cost of the commitment of a full-time HR Manager. And there are no extra ‘burden’ costs of superannuation, payroll tax and insurances as associated with permanent employees.

Corporate Canary specialises in facilitating high impact HR strategy and practice for small to medium information technology, and technically focused companies. Through experience with leading IT companies such as PeopleSoft, Citrix Systems, OMX, Altiris and Symantec Corporate Canary knows how to manage the differences of high aptitude technical staff.