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Our services are designed to help small and medium-sized companies handle their HR without having their own HR branch. From training your managers to hiring the right employee, we cover it all. If you have any queries regarding our services, you could always contact us from our contact us page. 

Recruitment And Attraction Strategy

Corporate Canary helps you develop the sophistication of your recruitment approach. Taking you from the traditional ‘post and pray’, to best practise recruitment function that costs you less.


Creating a strong platform to launch new staff into fast, maximum performance and productivity, while ensuring all compliance requirements is covered.

Passionate Workplace

Have you stopped to consider how your culture is growing with your company? Are your expectations in alignment with your staff? You can’t afford to be off the mark when staff are walking for more attractive options.

Performance/Appraisal System

Maximise human capital investment by qualifying performance expectations. Define measurable goals and outcomes thereby establishing a structure to monitor results.

Leadership Coaching

The spirit of an organisation is created from the top. If an organisation is great in spirit, it is because the spirit of its top people is great.

HR Audit Services

HR audits are undertaken to allow organisations and firms the chance to evaluate their policies, practices, procedures, programs, strategies, and methods. Organisations need to take an Unbiased look at these to learn their strengths and ares in which they can improve.

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