Performance Appraisal System

Corporate Canary helps you streamline your performance appraisal process, take the headache out of shuffling tons of paper and make it happen easily by automating the performance management process.

Experienced in assessing and selecting the right Performance Management tool for your organisation Corporate Canary works with you to develop a content strategy to ensure the content that goes into the system is aligned to your organisational goals and not a ‘generic’ framework.

This can be done by

Maximising human capital investment by qualifying performance expectations. Defining measurable goals and outcomes thereby establishing a structure to monitor results. 


Increasing value-added of employee investment by determining competency opportunities and Stimulate enhanced productivity with learning and growth opportunities linked to the company’s goals and objectives.

How A Performance Appraisal System Works

Establishes Goals To be Achieved

Establishing goals is essential to any business. Setting goals which are difficult yet achievable are the perfect types of goals to set. Making them too easy or difficult affects employee morale and productivity. 

High Performance And Productivity

Employees can be motivated via monetary or non monetary methods. When praised, an employee continues to maintain his high productivity and in some cases may even improve on it. 

Quality Of Work

Employees can improve on the quality of their work if given the correct guidance. Corporate Canary will help employees to reach their potential and increase the quality of their work gradually. 

Stimulates Ambition

Ambitious people are naturally motivated, but different employees have different ambition. Once you recognize an employees ambition, You can stimulate it by creating the right performance appraisal system. 

Improves Morale

When an employee is rewarded for achieving his goals, his morale improves significantly. Improving employee moral or maintaining it keeps the quality and efficiency at their peak. 

Focus On Specific Work

Set more focused tasks for employees, this helps them concentrate on a single target instead of diverting their concentration and focus on multiple tasks therefore reducing productivity. 

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